For Love of the Maine Coon

I went to show first time in 1993 and I fell in love with Coon's big size, lynx tips and harmonic ensemble. I was totally sold. That's when we started looking for our first cat.

We got to know the Huvikumpu cattery where we got a big brown tabby male, Huvikummun Maine Unique Boy. We started to go to the shows and soon we bought another coon, as friend to Roope. A small spark about breeding was lit too.

In 1998 breeder name Goldenstreams was approved by FIFE and the first litter was born in 1999.

We brought our first female from A'CadiaParks cattery, Austria. The next female was also from there, and this one became our foundation queen to our Maine Coon breeding. Currently we have females in 5 generations.

Our breeding work is small scale home breeding with tested cats. Our cattery is free from FeLV, FIV and microsporum canis. Every cat in breeding use is tested for HCM, SMA, HD and PKD.

My point is to raise healthy and good size Maine Coons that have a good temper. Our kittens live among our family and they are ready leave at the age of 13-14 week. At the time of leaving to new home, they are registered, microchipped, inspected by a vet and vaccinated at least 2 times. We sell kittens only as indoor cats.

We have 6 coons living in our home. Our cats are especially loved pets and family members. We are lucky that we have some good sitedhomes where we have one male and few females living. This is how we guarantee peaceful and harmonic environment to our cats.