Pedigree of EC FIN*Goldenstream´s Flashdance PR/EC FIN*Goldenstream´s Freestyle JW DSM

GIC Lacocoon Blue Jay Way of Pinewoods MCO a 09 22 Lacocoon Revolution MCO n 09 22 Catz-Azz Sammy K of Lacocoon MCO n 09 CH Lakecountry Cochise of Pawstuctaway MCO d 09 22
Great Works Shoshonee MCO n
Shubacoons Elizabeth of Lacocoon MCO f 09 22 GC&RW Freedomkatt Tom Cruice DM MCO n 09 23
CH Solkatz´s Kalahari of Shubacoons MCO f 09 22
Lacocoon Dizzy Mizz Lizzy MCO n 22 CH McKittycreek Willien of Lacocoon MCO n 22 GC&RW McKittycreek Eddie Bauer MCO n 09 22
GC McKittycreek Reba Maccoontire DM MCO f 22
Wynhaven Shenandoah of Lacocoon MCO a 22 Coonyham Laredo of Wynhaven MCO n 22
Wynhaven Shezandra MCO n 22
IC A*CadiaPark´s Riverdance MCO n 22 Ch SGC RW CadiaPark´s Sugar Kain MCO n 09 22 IC Coonquest Cisco MCO e 22 SGC Coonquest Edmaine Hillery MCo a 22
Coonquest Princess Jasmaine MCO f 09 22
IC CH Coonyham Napa MCO n 09 22 OS SGC Coonyham Sundance MCO n 22
CH Wyndhaven Dakota of Coonyham MCO n 09 22
Lovelyness Raven MCO n CH RW Willowplace Moonwalker MCO ns IW SGC Willowplace Jubilation od Winfield MCO ns 22
TGC Willowplace Witches Brew MCO n 22
Lovelyness Midnight Angel MCO n CH Willowplace Tomahawk of Racoones MCO a 22
Hillside Riverdance MCO n 22