Pedigree of PL*LavenderLove Ozzie JW

IC LavenderLove Olaf MCO n 24 IC DK*Allycoon´s Blue Bahlau MCO a 24 Belushies Utha MCO es 22 Kumskata Many Waters Mco as 22
Willowplace Timbatoy Mco f 09
DK* Shanty´s Autumn Bliss MCO g 23 DK*Coonshine´s Skagway Mco n 23
S*Glowcoon´s Ballerina Mco g 22
EC Moulin De Crecy Tequila MCO ns SGC IW Willowplace Nautilius Of MoulinCrecy MCO ns 09 22 SGC IW Willowplace Jubilation of Winfield Mco ns 22
Mysticoon Honeymoon Mco n 09 22
MaineAcadia Swallow of MoulinCrecy MCO n 09 22 EC Hillside Phoebus Mco n 22
Moulincrecy Nympho Mco n 09 22
GIC CoolMotion´s Hay Luna MCO d 09 22 Eldon´s Antonio MCO e 09 22 Koontucky Prince Of Norway MCO n 22 09 CFA CH Nascat´s Sterling Marlin of Koontucky Mco n 09 22
Koontucky Kodi Mco n 22
 Ratoyen´s Dilemma MCO n 22 PR Artic Coon´s IQ Red Rock Mco n 23
CH Artic Coon´s Evita Mco f 22
Timberhil´s Chelsea MCO f Kithara´s Madison Mco ds 22 CH Kithara´s Judge Dread Mco n 22
CH Lovehulen´s Silver Rhapsody Mco gs 22
CH Wilderland American Beauty Mco n 09 22 The Cathut Seth of Wilderland Mco n 09 23
Wilderland Avatar Mco n 09 22