Pedigree of Battle Creek´s Z`Thaiti

Zeilingcoons Zeus


Midnightfire`s Banjo P MCO a 09

 Firedevils Aragon P MCO n 09

Overlord Sparrow Mco n 09
Amerrykoon Elektra P of Firedevils Mco
Emma Peel of Chamberlain MCO  TipNTails Xtreme Mco d 09 22
Beverly Crusher of Chamberlaine Mco as
IC Sailingcoons Dakota MCO n  EC Magic Kanalee´s Feivel MCO a Saskatoen Zazou MCO a
Magic Kanalee´s Cherokee Mco a
CAtdancer´s Kati Wilhelm MCO n 22 CH Catdancer´s Samson-Elias MCO n 23
Cool-Coons Felice MCO  n 23
Biscat´s Liberty of Battle Creek´s MCO a 22 Biscat´s Chaplin MCO n 22  IC Guldfakse´s Little Bear´s Moon MCO a 22 EC WW 98 00 01 Guldfakse´s Chief Two Moons DSM Mco d 22
MtKittery Yuma Mco w
ReMind´s Taracass Du´chess MCO f 22 ReMind´s Cassanova Mco d 09 23
Mountairnee´s Tara Tamara Mco ns 22
Euphoria of Midnight Colony MCO f 23 EC Carter O´Connor Alwaro Mco d 22 EC WW 02 Sebasco´s Daker Devito Mco d 22
EC A*CadiaPark´s Kerrygold Mco f 22
IC Estee Lauder di Sidonia
Mco a
GIC Kyriakos di Meola Mco a 09
EC Alessandra di Sodonia Mco a 09 22