Pedigree of Goldenstream´s Venla

GIC Battle Creek´s Ma Roudhouse Blues

Summerplace Manhattan MCO e 22

Summerplace Cappuccino MCO n 22

Summerplace Amarillo MCO n 22
Summerplace Oklahoma MCO n 22
Summerplace Zamira MCO as 22 Q´s Blue Bear of Mazig Love MCO as
Summerplace Quesella MCO
Biscat´s Liberty of Battle Creek´s MCO a 22 Biscat´s Chaplin MCO n 22 IC Guldfakse´s Little Bear´s Moon MCO a 22
ReMind´s Taracass Du´chess MCO f 22
Euphoria of Midnight Colony MCO f 23 EC Carter O´Connor Alwaro Mco d 22
IC Estee Lauder di Sidonia 
Mco a
Goldenstream´s Raising Sun MCO fs 09 22 SP/CH Lavenderlove Ozzie JW DVM MCO e 09 24 IC Lavenherlove Olaf MCO n 24  IC DK*Allycoon´s Blue Bahlau MCO a 24
EC Moulin De Crecy Tequila MCO ns
GIC Coolmotions Hey Luna  MCO d 09 22  Eldon´s Antonio MCO e 09 22
Timberhil´s Chelsea MCO f
SP/GIC Goldenstream´s Let´s Dance MCO ns 09 22 GIC Super-Stars Severi MCO ns 09 22 CH&Tica DGCH Quentino of Magic Lake MCO ds 09 22
GIC&Tica CH Super-Stars Leoni MCO fs 22
IP/EC Goldenstream´s Flashdance MCO a 09 22 GIC Lacocoon Blue Jay Way of PInewoods MCO a 09 22
IC CadiaPark´s Riverdance MCO n 22