Pedigree of CH Goldenstream's Quick Step "Lotta"

Battle Creek´s X´Uta Pendragon

Koipond X-Man of Battle Creek MCO n 22

EC Jerry of Koipond MCO n 09 22 CH Zampano of Koipond MCO
Tokahee of Magic Cottage
Ice Girl of Koipond MCO n 22 WCH Willowplace Number One
CH Tiger Girl of Koipond
Moulin`Crecy Africa Queen MCO 09 RW,TGC Sarajen V.I.P of Moulin Crecy MCO ns 09 IW-SGC Sarajen Scoresby
Sarajen Dixie Stinger
Moulin`Crecy Vulcana MCO n 22 RW-SGC Moulin`Crecy Nobody But Me
Coup de Coeur Graffiti of Moulin´Crecy
GIC FIN*Goldenstream´s Let´s Dance MCO ns 09 22 IC D*Super-star´s Severi MCO ns 09 22 TICA DGC CH Magic Lake Quentino of Superstars MCO ds 09 22 GIC St.John´s Avalon MCO ns 09 22
CH Witchbreeds Mauna Loa MCO fs 22
Tica CH & Gic Super-star´s Leoni MCO fs 22 TICA & CFA CH Willowplace Shakari of Superstars MCO n 09 22
Mountain Maine´s Queenly MCO fs 22
EC FIN*Goldenstream´s Flashdance MCO a 09 22 GIC Lacocoon Blue Jay Way of Pinewoods MCO a 09 22 Lacocoon Revolution MCO n 09 22
Lacocoon Dizzy Mizz Lizzy MCO n 22
IC A*CadiaPark´s Riverdance MCO n 22 Ch SGC RW CadiaPark´s Sugar Kain MCO n 09 22
Lovelyness Raven MCO n